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Everyone pays attention to safety, and everyone will respond to emergencies丨Baoshili Fire Drill


Summer is coming, in this beautiful time of struggle. In order to improve the emergency handling capabilities of the company and all employees in case of emergencies, enhance employees' safety awareness and strengthen employee safety knowledge education. The company conducts routine fire drills this week.


(1) The Administration Department is responsible for organizing fire safety-related knowledge training.

(2) Before the exercise, the administrative experiment and the alarm system shall be tested to prepare for the exercise.

(3) Formulate a fire drill plan, organize learning and announce it to all employees.

(4) Provide escape education to employees, including evacuation routes, directions, covering mouth and nose with wet towels, and bending over to evacuate.

Fire alarm

In this fire safety simulation drill, Instructor Dai and Zhou Tezhu served as the commander-in-chief to simulate a fire in the production workshop on the 4th floor of Building 1:

Fire alarm (smoke generator) on the 4th floor of Building 1, and the smoke quickly spread to the entire floor. After the fire alarm site staff discovered the fire, they called the company's fire alarm internal line. The fire smoke detector at the fire site also detected the fire alarm signal; the staff on duty in the monitoring room confirmed the fire alarm After that, immediately follow the exercise plan:

Procedure 1: Report the fire alarm to the security room by telephone, notify each exercise team to rush to the designated area, and carry out the exercise according to the preset exercise process;

Procedure 2: Notify the maintenance personnel of the water and electricity team to cut off the power on the fire floor, force the elevator down to the first floor, and follow further instructions (such as: start/stop instructions for fire pumps, etc.).

Personnel evacuation: People on each floor, after hearing the sound of fire alarm and the notification of the floor evacuation staff, quickly evacuate according to the evacuation route, and evacuate to the assembly point within the specified time.

Security alert

Composed of members of the packaging team, they are divided according to the area, and carry out traffic safety control on the company's gate, the company's hall entrance and other peripheral areas.

Task 1: Carry out vigilance at the gate of the company and the periphery of the exercise area, and strictly prohibit vehicles and personnel from entering the company;

Task 2: Set up a safety cordon around the exercise area, and guide passing vehicles and people so that they do not obstruct the safe passage (road).

Team build up

After completing their respective tasks, each exercise team was quickly led by each team leader, and trotted to the exercise headquarters to gather, and reported the completion status of each team to the headquarters one by one. Then the executive commander will report to the commander-in-chief about the assembly of personnel. After the report is completed, the executive commander will organize various exercise teams and company employees to carry out fire-fighting exercises.

Fire fighting

The connection of the two hoses is carried out simultaneously with the water outlet operation and the oil fire extinguishing project of the dry powder fire extinguisher. The hose connection and water outlet operation (completed within 2 minutes), the company staff will carry out the actual operation of connecting two hoses.

Dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish oil fire (complete within 10 minutes). Employees from various departments of the company are grouped to carry out the practical operation of fire extinguishers to extinguish oil fires.

Summary and comments

After the fire drill is over, the instructor will first summarize the "Xiamen Baoshili 2023 Fire Drill", and finally invite the company's special assistant to comment on the fire drill.

"Fire" means elimination and prevention (that is, the general term for preventing and solving the man-made, natural and accidental disasters that people encounter in the process of life, work and study). Of course, the narrow meaning is at the beginning of people's understanding: (extinguishing) the fire mean.

Fire drills are designed to prevent problems before they happen. The company has always regarded safety as the top priority of the company. The company holds fire-fighting knowledge training and drills from time to time every year, and through on-site simulation drills and fire-fighting knowledge training, it creates a safe and harmonious work for the majority of employees. environment.

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